I’ll Be the One Screaming: Around the Bonfire

I am one of those people. The type who on the outside looks pulled together, in control, on top of things in life. And sometimes, I am. Mostly on Tuesdays. The rest of the time, my calm exterior hides a riot of emotions ranging from anxiety to joy, with buckets full of anger sandwiched in between.

Although I’ve shared about anger in posts like Anger Looks Good on Me and Making Room for Chaos, I’m taking a leap of faith today and guest posting at Gigi Ross’s Kludgy Mom about how we’re navigating anger in our family. My post, Screaming With My Daughters, is part of Gigi’s weekly “Around the Bonfire” series, and I’m honored to be there.

If you don’t know Gigi Ross and her insightful, hilarious blog, Kludgy Mom, you’re missing out. And we all know how much I you hate to miss out. So check out Gigi’s site and join us today (Wednesday) from 12Noon to 1 pm (Central) for a live Bonfire Chat  to discuss anger – yours, mine and ours – and how we’re teaching our kids to express this complicated emotion. Hope to see you there!*

*That’s a lie. I’m terrified to do this webchat and secretly hope no one shows up or my computer crashes. But then I’ll be sad and angry. So either way, it should be a good time!


26 thoughts on “I’ll Be the One Screaming: Around the Bonfire

  1. OMGOSH I TOTALLY am going through the very same TERROR in anticipation for my bonfire post and web chat coming up in a few weeks!!!! Oh Mary, I am SO with you on this!! BUT- I literally squealed when I saw that you were doing a Bonfire post!!! Can’t wait to read it and I will try to join the chat- have NO CLUE how to even do that. Yeah- clueless, which doesn’t help the total soul shaking fear of it all. Can you drink a glass of wine by noon? Hmm…. 😉

    • Re: wine, drinking of same by noon. Sure you can – it’s not noon everywhere on earth!

      You will be FINE, ladies, now and every single webcast in the future. Simply look inside, then share your unique brand of wonder at the process of walking around in bodies who think and feel.

      Reframe: excitement vs. terror – they are physiologically the same sensations.

      We all have brilliance to share with each other – every single one of us. There will never be another you, so playing small is playing stingy.

      It’s a gift to model self-confidence as a natural state for women (men, too, but women seem to have been fed more false modesty messages – refuse to swallow!)

      Who knows? You might even inspire YOU. ::grin::

      Seriously, you will have A BALL letting your Selves out of the box — if you will let yourselves own it. That’s really ALL it is.

      Like jumping off the low board into the pool as a kid – the first time’s a tad scary when you over-think it. The moment you’re wet, you wonder what you were worried about.

      Congrats on “feeling the fear and doing it anyway.” Now you KNOW you’re safe enough to jettison the fear. Next time, JUST JUMP. Let it be fun.

      Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
      – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
      (blogs: ADDandSoMuchMore, ADDerWorld & ethosconsultancynz – dot com)
      “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  2. You did it!!!! You were AWESOME!!!!! I was so afraid for you- channeling peace and prayers through out my friend! I absolutely get that anxiety… mine will build up until my bonfire chat. Oh dear… if you can do, then perhaps I can find a way too!! 😉

  3. I’m a bit late to this post and I didn’t catch the webchat, but I love this. I agree – all emotions (including the less appealing ones) should be acknowledged and embraced. Have you read the poem “The Guest House?” If not, check it out. Screaming always makes me feel better too.

    • Hi! I’ve not read the GUest House, but will go find it now. Thank you! I’m behind on reading a bunch of posts and seeing your comment today made me happy so I’ll assume when I finally get to some of those posts I’ve missed, the authors will be happy to see me too! 😉

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