29 thoughts on “Diary of a Curious Five-Year-Old

  1. Is that real? Because THAT is hilarious.

    {sometimes it stinks to be in a medical family because we tend to get all scientific and explain everything the way it really happens without all the funny drawings of eggs and stuff}

    But seriously, is this real? Because, again, it’s brilliant!

    I’m going to assume that Rhys gave you permission; otherwise, she’s going to KILL you.

    {also, you probably better talk to her about birth control because — seriously? she wants answers}

  2. Fantastic!! This weekend we got…”who came up with painting toenails? I mean really why? Why don’t we just paint our butts green? It’s like the same thing.”

  3. SO freaking CUTE!!!! Yeah- I told each of my kids when they Incessantly asked on their own. I just got down right honest- there’s just no other way for me to do it. I feel liberated in an awkward way…
    This is such an adorable idea!!! XO

  4. i loved this!! so funny – and look at you – so talented with the re-creation!! i loved your picture but my favorite was when rhys said she didn’t care about daddies feelings and just wanted to play the game. soo funny and honest!! you’ve got a weekly feature here!!

  5. This post makes my heart sing! So damn creative and funny. I love you, you wit and your writing . . . .in addition to your family!!! Thanks for making me smile.

  6. PS: Every time I’m on your site I’m in awe of the ribbons/awards on the right . . . and think to myself . . . .”hmmmmm, I think more accolades come in for A Teachable Mom than gets acknowledged by the said writer of this site.” Could this be true? Flap those arms/wings Miss Mary. Congratulations!!!!!

  7. These are HYSTERICAL!!!! Hahahahaha. I love that she needs to know where you’ll be living before she can commit to visiting. Bwahahahaha

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