A Teachable Mom

A Teachable Mom is about celebrating my wise and outspoken daughters and discovering my voice as a woman, writer, wife and mother.

I’m imperfectly supporting my girls in being big, bold and colorful, traits I struggle with myself. Through them, I’m learning about joy and freedom while confronting my own insecurities. As a dear friend says, I’m “putting on my big girl pants” and playing big.

Like many parents, I desperately want my girls to grow up loving, honoring and speaking up for themselves and asking for what they want, no matter what anyone else thinks or feels about them, including me.

I want them to be free of people pleasing, perfectionism, comparison and negative thinking; traits that I am recovering from in real time and have been well-honed in my family for generations. It’s time for my girls to have some new issues to explore in future therapy sessions!

I want big, expansive worlds for them. And when I say “them” I realize I mean for me.

I’m learning to own my bigness and believe I’m a strong, powerful woman.

I want to model a solid sense of self for my girls. And guess what? I’m still learning, sometimes first, sometimes along side them, always one baby step at a time.

In addition to being a full-time mom, I’m a former marketing & PR exec and communications trainer and an aspiring children’s book co-author. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found you, but I already love you! Your “about’ could have been written about me… I desperately want my children to love & express themselves, all the while trying to figure out how to do this myself!
    It’s so good to see I’m not alone!
    Looking forward to reading more if you!

  2. Oh Mary! What a relatable story. Thank you for sharing it with such honesty and candor. I know that I can personally relate. Well, not on the getting-a-new-ring part. But, Christmas IS coming up….

  3. Strewth, it took me 10 minutes to try and work out why your blog name is ateachablemom, kept thinking, odd name. Okay it was 4.30, silly o’clock in the morning, up in “The Shed” but now I get it!

    Don’t worry there not all as dumb as me in Australia, only around 50%…but really, just an aisde, I really in the other 50% (seriously)…

    Anyway, now I’ve written an essay in your comment section, best I start popping back to see what you’re up to from time to time! Good luck out there…

  4. Just discovered your blog. Love what you wrote, “through them, I’m learning about joy and freedom while confronting my own insecurities.” It’s cool how much we learn about ourselves through child-rearing. You are farther down the road than I am, so I’m going to follow you to see what I can learn. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far!. 🙂 Plus, your writing is entertaining.

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