Joy In The Tiny Things

I’m excited to link up for the first time with Stasha at The Good Life for her Monday Listicles feature. This week’s prompt is:  List ten tiny (or secret) things that bring you joy. While I work on finding some secret pleasures, here’s my list of tiny joys:

  • Half-Priced Play Dates:  I took myself to see a matinee of the play Other Desert Cities yesterday and was thrilled to combine two of my favorite activities:  watching great theatre and snagging deep bargains! This funny, heart-wrenching play, about a writer about to publish a memoir unflattering to her family, was half off for day-of matinee tickets. Joy for taking advantage of a perk of living in a big city.
  • Texts from Ava (9 yo) during the play:  “Mom I miss you so much. I think I’m gone too much. I love you.”
  • Getting Away with Something:  Specifically, not getting a parking ticket even though my meter had run out twenty minutes earlier. Joy and gratitude for the parking angels watching over me yesterday.
  • Being Woken Up by this Face: Her delight at surprising me warmed my heart. (After we replayed the moment 12 times, my joy waned; hers did not.)

January-February 2013 109 (640x480)

  • Daddy Daughter Dances:  Incomparable bonding time for my husband and daughters; three hours of blissful alone time for me!

January-February 2013 110 (640x480)

  • Fancy Red Coats & Grandparents:  I never would have spent the money on these coats that the girls will only wear twice, but seeing them dressed up like this – priceless. Thank you, Grandma & Pa!

IMG_3763 (2) (547x640)

  • Rhys-isms:  Every time we park in a parking garage, our daughter Rhys (4 yo) excitedly reminds me to get my ticket validated before we leave the store. She yells at everyone within earshot, “Get your card ‘reviolated’! Don’t forget to get your card ‘reviolated’!”
  • Our Neighbor, Giovanni:  Though we rarely exchange more than simple pleasantries, every time it snows, he snowblows a path to our cars for us. Every time. Better than parking angels.
  • Secret Hobbies/Self Portraits:  I find our 4 yo’s photos on the camera regularly yet never see her playing with the camera. She’s has a good eye, no?

January-February 2013 076 (640x480)January-February 2013 059 (640x480)

  • Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards:  From my husband. On my pillow. Still smiling!